Why choose a marquee for a wedding in Sussex

Which event can you hire a marquee for?

Absolutely whatever!
1 . You have found the perfect location or back shed or it is a space that is meaningful to you but the problem is there isn’t any building there.
That’s ok, a marquee will save you. It creates a beautiful blank canvas to turn this amazing place into the wedding venue that you have always dreamed of. Like this venue at Horstedpond Place.

2 . You can let your imagination run wild. No motif is off limits and because we work with some of the best suppliers in the united kingdom and can be organised all under one roof.

3. You can utilize your own preferred suppliers, such as Aunt’s or uncles who all may in the catering/decorating business? No worries, it is totally your responsibility. You are restricted by the inhouse suppliers.

4. You’re getting a huge wedding!!
When you decide to have a Marquee Wedding, guest collection is not an issue. We can make it work and customise the size of your personal bespoke venue to suit your needs.

5. You don’t want to planète at the same 4 walls all night.
Perfect, because you don’t have to help! With Raise the roofs beautiful Clear, curved roof label you can bring nature and the outdoors in, without every one of the bugs.
What theme have you picked for your wedding?

a few. It’s not a race against the clock
There is no one hustling and bustling you out, no one tapping their observe and wrapping up speeches, (unless they are too boring!! ). There is so much room to work with you and the teams to ensure this can be a party that never ends, until you are ready!

7. It is usually all about you!

Because there is so much flexibility with a marquee, it is usually completely customised for your event and no other event will probably ever be quite the same!